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West-Life all partners meeting

Date: 03-May-2018 to 04-May-2018

Contact: Chris Morris


The next West Life all partners meeting is taking place on 3-4 May 2018 in Madrid. 

The provisional agenda runs from 13:00 on 3rd May to 13:00 on 4th May.

The goals of the meeting are:
- coordinate last six month's activities, which are mostly joint research activity in WP7
- prepare the final report
The SAB will be invited. 

If it you want to have extra meetings for specific tasks, please note that 2 May is a national holiday in Spain.

Please indicate your attendance here

On this occasion, STFC as lead partner will pay hotel costs as well as the catering costs. However, each participant will be responsible for their own travel costs.

Dinner will be at Dantxari Restaurant.


3 May

Carazo Banci Small Daenke
West-Life VRE: 3 "real" user presentations /20 minutes each
WP4 + WP5 Deployment, access and usage of VRE and the helpdesk activities deployed
WP6 Data Management: repository, assembly queries and provenance
WP7 JRAs: outputs
WP2/3 Engagement, outreach, and Dissemination: so far and forthcoming
WP1 Sustainability: Scenarios and work plan
End of day 1

4 May - two parallel sessions

09:00-11:00 SAB closed meeting

09:00-11:00 Exploitation strategy discussion: publicity and scientific collaboration (Chair: Perrakis)

coffee break

11:30 SAB report

12:00 wrapping up the project (Chair: Winn) 

13:30 End of the meeting

Madrid, Spain

West-Life all partners meeting