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West Life and iNEXT Sustainability meeting

Date: 13-Oct-2017

Contact: Fiona Sanderson


A joint meeting will take place in Oxford to discuss the sustainability of structural biology research infrastructure (physical and e-infrastructure). This is relevant to both West-Life - Task 1.5 of WP1 - and iNEXT - Task 6.3 and 6.4 of WP6.

The meeting is scheduled for the 13th October from 9:00-17:00 UK time and it will be held at the Welcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford.

Attendance list:

Dave Stuart - Instruct-ERIC

Martyn Winn - STFC

Alexander Bonvin - Utrech University

Anastassis Perrakis - Netherlands Cancer Institute

Marco Verlato - Istituto Nazionale di Fisca Nucleare

Renault Raijmakers - Bijvoet Center, Netherlands

Jose Marquez - EMBL, France

Martin Waslsh - Diamond Light Source

Susan Daenke - Instruct-ERIC

Claudia Alen Amaro - Instruct-ERIC

Narayanan Krishnan - Instruct-ERIC

Fiona Sanderson - Instruct-ERIC

Antonio Rosato - CERM


The meeting objectives are to define a process for making a decision on sustainability for the services developed and offered through iNEXT and West-Life. West-Life will end on 31st October 2018; iNEXT will end on 31st August 2019; Instruct-ULTRA will end on 31st December 2020.

Key considerations will be:

- understanding the full provision of all services offered by each project;

- a process for the audit of services;

- methods for maintaining services technically (updates, further development);

- future H2020 calls relevant to sustainability (e.g. INFRAIA-01-2018-2019: Integrating Activities for Advanced Communities, 2019 deadline, for iNEXT2);

- routes to sustainability: Instruct-ERIC, other options.

 Meeting Programme:

10.00               Welcome: Coffee/tea and pastries

10.30               1. Meeting convened: Chaired by Dave Stuart

                        Welcome and introductions, objectives of the meeting

10.45               2. Instruct, iNEXT and West-Life should each provide a short presentation on their services, their target communities and all potential solutions for sustainability, considering the following:

  • Research infrastructures (Instruct-ERIC, Elixir, others)
  • Other organisations/projects
  • Virtual hosting
  • Cloud services
  • Funding

Provide priorities for sustainability solutions if appropriate.

 12.30               Lunch

13.15               3. Process for full Audit of services provided/ in development by each project;

  • Technical services
  • Virtual services

Who compiles the list of services for each project/RI à in which format; what information should be included?

Who provides the information to the panel (see 4)?

Timeframe for completing this (see Relevant deadlines below)

15.00               4. Convene a small review panel (e.g. Stephen Burley, Wah Chiu [Instruct-ERIC and Instruct-ULTRA SAB], [Gerard Kleywegt, Gebhart Schertler – external experts], others?) to assess the quality and provision of all services in audit list – link this task with the Instruct-ULTRA evaluation of Instruct infrastructure.

Who will manage/support the Panel activities?

Panel will report to all parties including Instruct-ERIC Executive Committee, Instruct-ULTRA, iNEXT and West-Life management bodies. How to consolidate a single report to satisfy all needs:

  • Timetable and formats for reporting;
  • Decision tree following report;
  • Future calls;
  • Next actions. 

16.00               Close meeting

 Relevant documents :

W-L D1.4 Draft sustainability workplan (delivered m18) - attached

Relevant deadlines:

September 2017 – D2.1 Plan a programme for review of Instruct infrastructure with external panel (ULTRA month 9)

March 2018 – new Milestone - Outline sustainability plan available (W-L month 28)

May 2018 – MS4 Approval of sustainability plan by Executive Steering Committee (W-L month 30)

August 2018 – D6.2 Report on model for future SB access in Europe (iNEXT month 36)

August 2018 – D6.3 Report on financial sustainability (iNEXT month 36)

November 2018 – D1.5 Sustainability Report (W-L month 36)

August 2019 – D6.4 Draft sustainability plan (iNEXT month 48)

December 2019 – D2.5 Sustainability draft plan submitted to Instruct Council for review (ULTRA month 36)

Calls: H2020 INFRAIA-01-2018-2019 call deadline 20 March 2019 - attached

oxford, United Kingdom

West Life and iNEXT Sustainability meeting