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XXI International Poxvirus Asfarvirus and Iridovirus Conference

Date: 01-Jul-2016 to 05-Jul-2016

Contact: Robert Drillien

The XXI International Poxvirus, Asfarvirus and Iridovirus Conference will be held near Strasbourg, France in the "Bischenberg Conference and Training Centre" from July 1 (arrival and reception) to July 6 (departure). Conference sessions will be held starting on the morning July 2 and ending in the evening July 5.

The Conference will bring together research scientists around the world to share and discuss their latest findings. Viruses within the Poxvirus, Asfarvirus and Iridovirus families encapsidate large double-stranded DNA, replicate in the cytoplasm and infect either invertebrates or vertebrates. A number of these viruses are infectious disease agents of man or domestic and wild animals. Several of them are used as vectors for vaccination or therapeutics.

The topics to be covered are virus entry, gene expression and proteomics, DNA replication and genomics, virus assembly and release, immunity and immune evasion, virus-host interactions, pathogenesis, vaccines and antivirals, diagnostics, virus vectors, virus oncolytics. Presentations will be given either as 15 minute talks over the 4 days of the meeting or as poster displays in two distinct afternoon sessions. Registration is now open.