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RNAse contamination 7 by Peggy Stolt-Bergner
03-Dec-2013 13:35 CET
high-throughput mechanical cell lysis 9 by Renaud Vincentelli
30-Nov-2013 13:45 CET
SumoStar in insect cells vs. other tags 5 by Hüseyin Besir
25-Nov-2013 14:56 CET
Baculo Flasks 3 by Jo Nettleship
25-Nov-2013 11:37 CET
SUMO system - cross-specificities 2 by Hüseyin Besir
20-Nov-2013 13:01 CET
PNGaseF expression and purification 6 by Bjørn Voldborg
06-Nov-2013 16:45 CET
Z-basic tag for purification of secreted proteins 1 by Ralf Paul
28-Oct-2013 18:26 CET
CLOSING OCT 21 - REGISTRATION for P4EU Meeting @ PORTO 2 by Alan Cheung
22-Oct-2013 14:24 CEST
scFv cloning vector 3 by Jo Nettleship
10-Oct-2013 12:34 CEST
SUMO Protease specific cleavage. Gly at the N-term of the target 3 by Mario Lebendiker
03-Oct-2013 13:27 CEST
Protein Glykosyation in insect cells 3 by Christine Girard Blanc
17-Sep-2013 23:09 CEST
Flag antibody hybridoma 2 by Nick Berrow
06-Sep-2013 11:32 CEST
SUMO protease 5 by Sabine Suppmann
04-Sep-2013 11:35 CEST
viscous Hi5 lysates 5 by Mario Lebendiker
02-Sep-2013 20:26 CEST
LabChipGXII 7 by Peggy Stolt-Bergner
28-Aug-2013 12:41 CEST
CTLS meeting organisation 2 by Mario Lebendiker
24-Jul-2013 15:17 CEST
baculovirus promoters 2 by Hüseyin Besir
16-Jul-2013 14:32 CEST
protein endotoxin free- kit and system advice 4 by Carlo Carolis
23-May-2013 11:59 CEST
signal sequence for secretion from insect cells 4 by Linda Lua
27-Mar-2013 2:54 CET
constitutive Pichia expression vector 1 by Sabine Suppmann
26-Mar-2013 9:49 CET
cell counters 9 by Nick Berrow
11-Mar-2013 12:37 CET
E.coli/Yeast protein cell factory project 2 by Hüseyin Besir
06-Mar-2013 17:54 CET
recommendation for vector for transient transfection of mammalian cells? 3 by Ralf Paul
06-Mar-2013 14:46 CET
Failing scale-up in insect cell culture 4 by Tim Bergbrede
18-Feb-2013 13:19 CET
Searching for (used) Chip-Priming Station 1 by Tim Bergbrede
15-Feb-2013 17:06 CET
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