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Dear colleagues,

Does anyone of you use a refrigerator other than the ones from Unichromat to operate their Äkta Pure? The thing is I don't have enough space to fit the Unichromat 1500, and the Unichromat 900 is apparently to small to use the Äkta Pure (together with the round fraction collector) with two fixed 26/60 gel filtration columns and the sample pump (the latter placed on top). Ideally, I wanted to fix these columns on the left side of the Äkta, otherwise it might be too crowed on the front panel. For the refrigerator, I only have about 1 m space in width and found some gastronomy-related refrigerators. For example the NordCap KU 1000 G-SD. It is not stainless steel (aluminium inside) though. Any experiences and/or tips?   

Posted on 27-Jul-2016 13:25 CEST
Anja Schuetz

Hi Anja,

this was just a heavily-discussed topic in my lab some weeks ago. I am happy to comment on all this offline (I am already on enough company blacklists). Bottomline is that I decided to stick to the very cheap gastro fridges, such as this one KBS Glastürkühlschrank KBS 1250 GDU. Only 1700 EUR and fits everything. We have all our Aektas in these type of fridges (as do many other labs). Keep in mind that the prices vary tremendously, so google around. We simply drill some holes where necessary. You could go for a smaller model. Cheers, Annabel


Posted on 27-Jul-2016 13:48 CEST
Annabel Parret


Posted on 27-Jul-2016 13:49 CEST
Annabel Parret

Dear Annabel,

Thanks for your quick reply. I actually have my old Äkta FPLC in the same KBS Glastürkühlschrank KBS 1250 GDU refrigerator and this is fine since 9 years. ;) However, it starts to become rosty at the bottom now, but regarding the price I can simply buy a new one. Anyhow, I would have bought the same fridge again for our additionally planned Äkta Pure system, but this time I have only 1 m space in width (the KBS one is 1,10 m). That's why I was looking for smaller gastro fridges. This time I wanted to try aluminium inside instead of steel, in the hope of avoiding rust. So anybody out there that actually has the NordCap KU 1000 G-SD?

Posted on 27-Jul-2016 14:44 CEST
Anja Schuetz

Or does one successfully use the Unichromat 900 for operating an Äkta Pure with sample pump on top plus two fixed 26/60 gel filtration columns attached to the front panel? 

Posted on 28-Jul-2016 8:36 CEST
Anja Schuetz
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