35S labeling in insect cells

Hi again,

Does anyone have experience with 35S labeling in insect cells?  I found a protocol in an old paper via Pubmed, but it would be helpful to have a more detailed protocol.  Thanks!





Posted on 04-Jul-2012 17:19 CEST
Peggy Stolt-Bergner

Anyone experiencing recently problems with SF9 growth rate?

We are getting inconsistent growth with SF9 cells in both Expression Systems media ES219 and Invitrogen’s media SFM 900II 
Cell are lagging, despite the fact that we thawed 3 different lots. [2 new batches recently purchased from invitrogen (life/thermo), and one from Expression Systems].
Any thoughts? 
Posted on 08-Sep-2016 17:36 CEST
Tsafi Danieli
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