HTP electrophoresis

I'm looking for a HTP electrophoresis system for DNA separation. We need a system that is multichannel pipette compatible for high-throughput loading (typically from 2-96 samples). The system must include a timer or count-down function.
Finally, we are looking for a very flexible casting systems that allows casting several gel dimensions (depending on number of samples), and perhaps several gels at a time. We would like a good separation at as short time as possible (30-40 min max).

I've been checking out the Mupid system, but apparently it leaks a little bit during casting of gels. Do you have any recommendations of systems you are happy with?

Wish you all a great meeting in Paris!


Posted on 03-Jun-2014 14:13 CEST
Gro Bjerga

Using a new miniaturized technique for gel electrophoresis, medical diagnoses, and DNA sequencing can be did cheaper, fast, and more reliably. Gel electrophoresis is a procedure through which varied proteins or DNA fragments are separated to identify and study. As you are looking for such system, I would like to suggest ilexmedical that has its broad range. I hope it would be of help for you.

Posted on 18-Jun-2015 12:50 CEST
philip whitney
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