Equipment aquisition - Which FFF, MALS, DLS, RI should we choose?

Dear all,

My institute is planning to acquire a SEC/FFF system with DLS, RI and MALS detectors. I've been looking at Wyatt systems and also for Postnova/Malvern.

Does anyone of you have experience with such systems? What are the major pros/cons of each one? Is any of these systems the one I should absolutely choose for the analysis of biologics/biosimilars, which might be our main focus?

Thanks for the help!


Posted on 26-Sep-2014 0:17 CEST
Pedro Castanheira

dear Pedro,

I do not have a lot of experiencein the field; we bought mini Dawn Treos from WYATT fro SEC-MALS and we have to receive now OPTILAB T-rEX (refractor index). I think that Wyatt altough is more expensive it is known as better quality and very good service (at least here in Israel). The SEC-MALS works OK for us. In January I am going to Santa Barbara for a course they are giving there.


Posted on 29-Sep-2014 8:07 CEST
Mario Lebendiker

Dear Mario,

Thanks for your help! I got similar feedback from others, which was my feeling from the beginnig, but as these equipments are quite expensive, I wanted to be sure about it.

Thanks once again,




Posted on 16-Oct-2014 10:51 CEST
Pedro Castanheira


we have been working for several years with a SEC-MALS (HPLC Waters-Wyatt MALS) and everybody is very happy with our set up here. We never used the MALVERN. You can look at the articles of C. Cambillau on lactophage baseplate characterization if you want technical details on our work.

My 2 cents, Renaud

Posted on 21-Nov-2014 10:43 CET
Renaud Vincentelli
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