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Adding a centre to ARIA

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  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on "Your Admin" on the ARIA bar at the bottom of the page. (If you cannot see this then you can access the page via
  3. Click on the "Configuration" cog-shaped icon. Note that this is not the same as the cog icon beside "Edit profile"
  4. Click on "Centres", then "Add Centre".
  1. Type the name of the centre in the "Name:" text box.  Your centre will be assigned an automatic URI that will create a nice google-friendly link for your page based on the centre name entered. It is worth considering how this works as this URI will only be defined once, after the new centre pages go live this link is effectively sealed as the link needs to remain as static as possible so please choose this carefully. The URI is processed by removing any non alpha-numeric characters and replacing spaces with hyphens to create the most google friendly and human-readable link possible.
  2. Select the category of the centre (e.g. Instruct Centres) from the dropdown list. Multiple categories can be selected. Selected categories will appear highlighted in turquoise. The centre will appear within the folders of the selected categories on the Instruct website.
  3. Type the address of the centre in the text boxes "Address Line 1:", "Address Line 2:", "Town/City:" and "Country:".
  4. Once the address has been input, clicking the button "Calculate Lat/Lng" should populate the Lat/Lng fields with the correct coordinates for the centre. This is used to create a map pin for the centre. Alternatively the latitude and longitude can be entered manually into the two text boxes.
  5. Enter the timezone for the centre in the form Continent/City. Begin typing in the box to filter the list of available timezones, and select the timezone corresponding to your centre. This information is important to input as it will determine the timezone set when scheduling access visits or for machine bookings.
  6. Add a short description of the centre (max 150 characters) in the "Short Description:" text box. This will appear on the centre page in the top banner.
  7. Add a long description of the centre in the "Long Description:" text box. This will appear below the service/technologies offered by the centre and is intended to be a fuller description of the centre than the short description. It may contain links to external sites (there is no need to duplicate information provided elsewhere). Such links and other formatting can be controlled using the html tools. For example to create hyperlink: Select the text that you wish to link, then click the "Link" button in the bar at the top of the text box, click "Insert Link" and then type the url of the page to be linked to in the url box in the pop-up window.
  8. Add information for visitors to the centre in the "Visitors Information:" text box. This information should be aimed at new users who are coming to visit the centre for the first time, to give them an idea of: how to find the centre, local accommodation facilities, nearest airport and travel links and generally give users the standard information they would need for their access visit. Visitors infromation will appear below the long description and should provide information to the users of your centre as a service. If this information is available on an external webpage you may link to it. To create a hyperlink: Select the text that you wish to link, then click the "Link" button in the bar at the top of the text box, click "Insert Link" and then type the url of the page to be linked to in the url box in the pop-up window.

A flagship service/technology can be chosen from the services/technologies that you offer that defines the centre or is the most important service/technology offered. 

The field "Flagship Machine/Method:" allows you to select a flagship machine/method, but as this is a new centre, you will not have any machines/method associated with the centre.
  1. To add a flagship machine to your centre please complete the rest of this guide to finish setting up your centre then add a new machine/method (see the guide adding a new machine/method).
  2. Return to the centre setup page by selecting "Configuration/Centres/Edit Centres" and selecting this centre. (see the guide editing an existing centre for more information).
  3. Select the newly added flagship machine/method from the list of available machines
  4. The flagship machine/method will now be emphasised and listed at the top of the list of available services on the centre page.

Select contacts for the centre from the list of ARIA users. Those users selected will appear on the centre page under the appropriate heading. Their email addresses will be shown to users who are logged in to ARIA, but will be hidden to visitors who are not logged in. 

There are three different contact types:

  • Centre admins: These edit the centre's page content and administer upcoming visits to the centre using the access dashboard. 
  • Technical contacts: These are the people at your centre with technical knowledge of the platforms offered, and will be contacted if the user has any technical questions of the centres offerings. 
  • Scientific contacts: These are lead scientists of the centre that drive the research performed locally and coordinate Instruct activity.
  1. To select a particular user: click in the text box, and begin typing the name of the user to filter the list of users. 
  2. Once the desired user appears in the list they can be selected by clicking on their name in the list. 
  3. Multiple users can be selected. Selected users will be highlighted dark turquoise in the list.
  1. Add an image of your centre. Click the box to upload an image file. This will appear on the list page of centres, and on the individual centre page on in the banner. A landscape image is suggested.
  2. Choose a colour for the centre from the dropdown list to best match the look and feel of the centre. This colour will be used in the banner for the centre page, to colour headings on the centre page, and to colour the title of the centre in the list of centres. If your centre has a strong branding pallete, go for a colour that best represents your centre. Alternatively try and match a colour that compliments the colours in the image used for your centre.
  1. Save and publish the centre by clicking the "Add Item" button at the bottom of the page.
  2. View the centre page at

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