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CryoEM Facility Manager

Stony Brook University, Long Island, United States
Application deadline: 25 Oct 2020

SUNY, Stony Brook University is seeking a talented, motivated and highly interactive individual to manage our cryo-EM facility. The facility has a Thermo Fisher Scientific, 200kV Talos Arctica scope with a Falcon 3EC direct electron detector, along with all standard equipment for sample preparation. Successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the facility, general lab maintenance, sample preparation, user training, and managing supplies and deliveries, scheduling and billing, and facilities infrastructure for the instruments. The candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with internal users and external researchers in cryo-EM-focused research projects. The candidate will also help support resource development and the development of grant applications for funding of these platforms.

Preferred qualifications:
· Must have the ability to manage a multi-user research facility.
· Must be able analyse scientific results/data, communicate effectively with faculty, students, staff, vendors, and service engineers, keep accurate and clear records, actively participate in the planning and writing of centre-related grant proposals as needed, keep abreast of scientific literature concerning relevant new instrumentation and specimen preparation and imaging techniques.
· Previous teaching experience or experience training students and staff in the operation of transmission electron microscopes.
· Previous experience with transmission electron microscope maintenance, servicing or accessory equipment servicing and maintenance.

Successful candidate will contribute to the growing cryo-EM related research community at Stony Brook University and participate in its growth and development.

This position provides attractive salary (commensurate with experience and qualifications) and generous benefits as per regulations of SUNY and Stony Brook University.

Please apply online with a resume/CV, cover letter and contact information of at least two references.

Stony Brook University, Long Island, United States

CryoEM Facility Manager