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CryoEM Staff Scientist Position at Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus

Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Virginia, United States
Application deadline: 15 Jan 2021

A Scientist Position has became available at the Janelia Research Campus which is a pioneering research center in Ashburn, Virginia, where scientists pursue fundamental questions in neuroscience and imaging. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) launched Janelia in 2006, establishing an intellectually distinctive environment for scientists to do creative, collaborative, hands-on work.   Their integrated teams of biologists, computational scientists, and tool-builders pursue a small number of scientific questions with potential for transformative impact.  They share their methods, results, and tools with the scientific community.  It is a uniquely innovative and collaborative atmosphere that reflects HHMI’s reputation for excellence.


The HHMI CryoEM Shared Resource at Janelia Research Campus is a world class shared cryoEM facility with a large and diverse user base. It serves the entire HHMI community for cutting-edge research in structural biology and cell biology. The facility currently hosts two highly-configured Titan Krios microscopes equipped with energy filter and K3 cameras and is undergoing an exciting expansion phase. An Aquilos cryo FIB-SEM has been commissioned and was recently upgraded to Aquilos 2. A 3rd Krios microscope with a pre-GIF Falcon 4 camera and a post-GIF K3 camera will be installed soon.

The main function of the facility is 1) high-throughput high quality data collection on user-provided ready-to-image cryo grids; 2) collaborate with labs to cover portions or the entire cryoEM workflow from sample calibration, cryo grids preparation/screening all the way to high resolution 3D electron density map generation and 3) use the cryo FIB system to thin down thick samples for cryoEM imaging. The facility is now seeking candidates to fill a CryoEM staff scientist position.


For more information about the post and how to apply please follow this link


Virginia, United States

CryoEM Staff Scientist Position at Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus