Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Crystallography Senior Scientist

Abingdon, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 17 Jun 2021

A position is available in the structural bilogy team at the EVOTEC

Required knowledge, skills and abilities:

Extensive knowledge in protein biochemistry and macromolecular crystallography

Experience with protein purification

Protein engineering, bioinformatics and molecular biology (Construct design and cloning strategy)

Familiar with Biophysic techniques (DSF, ITC…)

A working knowledge and practical experience with either E. coli, insect or mammalian expression systems

The successful candidate will have experience working in multi-disciplinary teams

Experience collaborating with scientists in external organisations


Responsibilities includes:

Reading scientific literature relevant to the project

Supporting a project team by designing and ordering constructs to initiate the project

Adapting scientific knowledge to resolve problems encountered in achieving defined goals with assistance from line manager or other team members to meet internal and project deadlines

Preparing reports, presenting data, and collaborating with other scientists at Evotec

Presenting own work at project technical meetings, and department technical meetings when required

Demonstrating full command of all techniques and tools required for assigned responsibilities within the given project

Ensuring safe working practices of themselves and any direct reports

Complying fully with the company safety policy (including COPs and SOPs) when performing experiments

Adhering to Lab Notebook guidelines regarding accurate documentation of lab experiments


Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Experience in Cryo-EM

Self-motivated, enthusiastic, cooperative and reliable

Knowledge of basic laboratory techniques, and understanding of the science underlying the techniques and experiments

Experience of working in a lab environment

The ability to adapt to changing demands whilst operating under pressure to deadlines

The ability to work accurately and with attention to detail

Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with other scientific staff

The ability to work well independently, and as part of a team

Good organisational and time management skills

Good verbal communication skills

Ability to maintain excellent laboratory records

Computer proficiency

Education & Experience:

PhD degree in Structural Biology, Biochemistry or related area


Abingdon, United Kingdom

Crystallography Senior Scientist