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Postdoc fellowship at Uppsala University

Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
Application deadline: 09 Apr 2021

A postdoc position is available in my group at Uppsala University, Sweden. The postdoc will work on a multidisciplinary and exploratory project aiming to understand the structure, function and evolution of “giant” extracellular proteins from Lactobacillus kunkeei, the main bacterium in the honey gut of bees. This will involve a combination of structural and biophysical techniques and a tight collaboration with the group of Siv Andersson.


The successful candidate should have a PhD and experience of protein expression and purification and one or several structural and biophysical techniques such as crystallography, cryo-EM, SAXS and CD.


The postdoc is funded by a 2-year fellowship from the Carl Trygger foundation.


Further details are found via this PDF document


Application deadline April 9 2021.

Uppsala, Sweden

Postdoc fellowship at Uppsala University