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Postdoc positions in cryoET STA of chemotaxis signaling arrays

Diamond Light Source Ltd, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 13 Jun 2021

Two PDRA positions are now available at Professor Zhang's laboratories at the eBIC, Diamond Light Source. The positions are funded by a 5-year ERC AdG grant award on “Molecular choreography of bacterial chemotaxis signalling”.


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Diamond Light Source is the UK’s national synchrotron science facility. By accelerating electrons to near light-speed, Diamond generates brilliant beams of light from infra-red to X-rays which are used for academic and industry research and development across a range of scientific disciplines including structural biology, physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering, earth and environmental sciences.

eBIC, the Electron Bio-Imaging Centre at Diamond, is the UK national cryoEM facility, which provides scientists with state-of-the-art instruments and expertise in cryoEM. Currently eBIC houses four Titan Krios, a Talos Arctica, and a Glacios, two cryoFIB/SEM instruments (Scios and Aquilos), and a Leica cryoCLEM for correlative light and electron microscopy -

We are seeking highly motivated scientists to conduct high-resolution structural analysis of chemosensory arrays in distinct conformational states, in vitro and in vivo in native cells, as well as in time-resolved signalling states upon chemical stimulation, using cryoET and subtomogram averaging. For more information on the role, visit the website.

Candidate Requirements

  • You should have a PhD in structural biology or equivalent, and have a demonstrated record of accomplishment in conducting high quality original research.
  • Knowledge and research experience in cryoEM and/or cryoET, including both experimental and computational, are essential.
  • Substantial experience in protein biochemistry and structural biology is desirable.
  • You should demonstrate good communication and interpersonal skills and a flexible approach to work.

To apply for the role, visit the Diamond Light Source website.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Postdoc positions in cryoET STA of chemotaxis signaling arrays