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Postdoctoral Research Associate: Molecular basis of antibody interactions with membrane proteins

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 09 Aug 2020

Applications are invited for a research associate contract (18-months in the first instance) in the laboratory of Dr Paul Miller at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge.

A motivated, diligent and innovative scientist is sought, to study the molecular basis of antibody interactions with membrane proteins involved in blood brain barrier transcytosis. This field of research is vital for the establishment of therapeutic antibody delivery to the central nervous system to treat neurological disorders. This is a great opportunity to nurture skills in cryo-EM and/or X-ray crystallography and execute structure-guided antibody engineering, ideal for follow-on academic and biotechnology careers. The lab utilises automated crystallisation robotics and imaging, and new Arctica and Krios microscopes with Falcon 3/K2/K3 direct detectors. More information about the laboratory is available here.

The applicant will hold a PhD with a solid background in structural biology/biophysics/biochemistry. Advantageous experience includes: protein engineering, production and purification; crystallisation and/or cryo-EM and data processing; phage or yeast display platforms; handling membrane proteins. You must be a careful and methodical worker, paying attention to accuracy and ready to take responsibility as part of a team and willing to work in a collaborative environment. You should be self-motivated and able to organise, perform and analyse experiments with minimal instruction.

The role holder will be required to relocate to the Cambridge area (if not already resident there). Key duties and responsibilities include: developing research objectives and conducting the research project, writing up research work for presentation and publication, continually updating knowledge and understanding in the research field, translating knowledge of advances in the subject area into research activity, managing own research and administrative activities.

The funds for this post are available from approximately 1 November 2020.

The salary range is £32,816 - £40,322 per annum.

Fixed-term: Funds for this post are available for 18 months in the first instance.

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Research Associate: Molecular basis of antibody interactions with membrane proteins