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Postdoctoral Scientist - Structural Studies

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 25 Oct 2020

Overall purpose:

To work within the Group of Dr Sjors Scheres at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB), within a programme aimed at methods development for cryo-EM processing. Specifically, to undertake research to investigate the use of modern machine learning techniques, in particular deep convolutional neural networks, to model continuous structural flexibility in the cryo-EM reconstruction process.

Main duties:

• To undertake research aimed at cryo-EM structure determination.
• To identify, develop and apply a broad range of techniques to pursue the research objectives.
• To present scientific work at seminars within the Laboratory and at external meetings.
• To contribute to Laboratory-wide discussions on developments within the field.
• To draft scientific papers, and contribute to the overall preparation of research for publication.
• To contribute to the LMB’s mission in the public engagement of science, and the translation of research findings into improvements in health care.
• To assist in the training of PhD Students and other members of the LMB.

Key responsibilities:

Within the overall direction of the programme, the Group, the remit of the project and in discussion with the Group Leader, you will make a significant input into determining the direction of the project within a three year lifespan.

To plan your own work and objectives on a 12-month basis and manage your experimental work within the project along with your Supervisor.

To work with limited supervision to identify, develop, modify and apply the necessary techniques to achieve the goals of the project.

To introduce and apply new techniques across a wide range of disciplines and to have the creativity and initiative to develop novel approaches and methods where required.

To ensure the research is carried out in accordance with good practice and in compliance with local policies and legal requirements.

To contribute to the smooth running of the Group, including the effective use of resources, training of others and taking responsibility for use of communal facilities.

To enhance your research and generic skills through a tailored development programme.

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Cambridge, United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Scientist - Structural Studies