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System and network engineer for cryo electron microscopy

IGBMC-CERBM, Illkirch, France
Application deadline: 31 Aug 2020

A position has become available for a System and network engineer for cryo-electron microscopy at IGBMC.


Development and deployment of applications for the acquisition, storage and processing of data from cryo electron microscopy for users within the framework of the national FRISBI and European Instruct-ERIC infrastructures. The engineer will administer and operate computer, hardware (computing and storage) means and software, and will provide the commissioning of new systems and products and drive developments in the type of computing pipelines as part of cryo-electron microscopy image processing.


  • Plan and put in place the means and procedures to ensure and improve the performance and availability of the network and its services.
  • Manage the evolution and maintenance of the network and its services.
  • Ensure technology monitoring for data processing and storage.
  • Manage the entity's interconnection with the mesocentre/datacenter.
  • Lead a project to develop computer tools for the processing of cryo-EM data online in interaction with the engineers of the electron microscopy modules and crystallography of the biostructure platform.
  • Train platform users.


  • Administer a database system
  • Anticipate functional and technical evolution
  • Accompany the changes
  • Clarify and prioritize needs
  • Play a role for advice or decision support
  • Communication and Teaching
  • Ability to work as part of a team

Work Context

The person to be recruited will work at the IGBMC center on the Instruct/FRISBI platform of the IGBMC centre. The engineer will work in tight interaction with research teams of the Department for Structural Integrated Biology of IGBMC.
He/She will directly interact with the scientific head of the Instruct/FRISBI platform, the head and engineers who are working on the microscopy module (3 engineers).

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Illkirch, France

System and network engineer for cryo electron microscopy