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EOSC-Life Project Achievements


Research infrastructures are key to the development and sustainability of wide-scale scientific research across Europe and beyond. By offering access to specialist equipment, research teams everywhere can conduct in-depth studies – benefitting the scientific community as a whole.

In addition to physical or remote access of equipment and instruments, there is also an ever-increasing need for openly accessible data storage, sharing and enhanced connectivity between researchers. 
EOSC is the European Open Science Cloud designed to support life science researchers with data-based cloud software. The aim of the project is to provide the best possible open access cloud-based service to the European science community. 
Instruct-ERIC is a partner in the EOSC-Life project, providing valuable insight and assistance in developing the EOSC-Life platform. As structural biology is an integral component of the life science network, Instruct’s contribution to the project can provide meaningful benefits to the cloud usage of the European science community. 
Download the EOSC-Life Brochure - outlining the achievements made by the project so far.

A co-creator of EOSC, and helping the development and promotion of the service, EOSC-Life is a Horizon 2020-funded project with 4 primary goals:

• Establish EOSC-Life by publishing FAIR life science data resources in EOSC 

• Provide the policies, guidelines and processes for secure and ethical data reuse 

• Populate an ecosystem of innovative life science tools in EOSC 

• Enable data-driven research in Europe by connecting life scientists to EOSC via open calls for participation 

Vast amounts of data are processed and analysed daily in the life sciences. EOSC-Life aims to make data, tools and analysis workflows more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR) through cloud deployment of these resources.

As well as enhancing the accessibility of life science data through the cloud, EOSC-Life is also committed to promoting proficiency with data management and cloud software amongst research facilities and research infrastructures across Europe – building the necessary expertise to ensure all data collection and storage is FAIR and secure.

For more information on the EOSC-Life project, visit the website.