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Increased Interest in Combined Techniques


324 structural biologists responded to an Instruct survey on Software and Data Management Tools for Integrated Structural Biology. 318 respondents agreed " I would use combined techniques more often if it was easier to get access to experimental facilities". Asked "what is your preferred structural technique" and " During the past year, have you also used other techniques in combined projects the mean number of techniques per respondent was 3.9.

On the software support available, 312 agreed " I would use combined techniques if the software was easier to get and use" and 306 agreed " If a web portal offers integrated access to data archives and to processing software, I will use it".

The drivers for using a range of techniques seem to include the large amount of work done on complexes, membrane proteins, and eukaryotic proteins, as shown by these responses

Thanks to everyone who responded to this survey. A more detailed report is available here

Chris Morris