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Restricted access to Instruct-ERIC services due to COVID-19


To protect our users and staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, Instruct-ERIC is suspending physical visits to Instruct Centres with immediate effect. We hope to review this situation from 30 April 2020. For any queries regarding Instruct services during this restricted access period, please contact

Access proposals currently in progress
If you have an access proposal in process, we will be in touch with you individually via the ARIA messaging system about the effects on your planned research visits. 

Priority access for coronavirus research
Where possible, Instruct will continue to offer priority access to its structural biology services for research directly related to COVID-19. To find out how to apply for priority access, click here. For full details of which services are available for COVID-19 research during the current restrictions, including remote access, please consult our COVID-19 Resource List.

Proposal submission during the restricted access period
Instruct’s online proposal submission system will remain open for applications, but scheduling will not be possible until visits resume. Remote access visits may still be possible depending on individual Centre availability (see below).

Remote access during the restricted access period
It may be possible to undertake research remotely during the restricted access period, subject to individual Centre availability. To apply for remote access, please submit a research proposal using the online submission system and our team will manage your proposal as usual. To request that a proposal currently in progress be changed from physical access to remote access, please contact the appropriate Centre staff using the ARIA messaging system.

Instruct-ERIC training courses
The following Instruct training courses have been postponed until further notice:

  • Instruct-ERIC cryo-EM sample preparation workshop, Diamond Light Source, Instruct Centre UK
  • Instruct-ERIC workshop for hydrogen-deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry, University of Leeds, Instruct Centre UK.

For up-to-date information regarding training courses, click here.


We will continue to review and update our policy for access provision during the restricted access period. Please continue to check this page for updates, or contact with any queries.