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At NeCEN, there are two Thermo Scientific Titan Krios instruments available. The Titan Krios microscopes are dedicated to high-end data collection. Titan Krios 1 is a dedicated instrument for EFTEM (energy-filtered TEM) and cryo-tomography. This microscope has a S-FEG source and is equipped with a Gatan GIF+K2 DED (integrated into EPU allowing auto data collection) as well as a Thermo Scientific Falcon 2 DED camera and volta phase plate. It is an instrument for both tomography and automated single particle acquisition. Titan 2 is a specialised instrument for single particle acquisition. This microscope has a X-FEG source, a Cs corrector, a Thermo Scientific Falcon 3 counting mode DED camera and volta phase plate. It is a dedicated instrument for automated single particle acquisition.

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