Electron Microscopy in Grenoble, France

The EM platform at IBS provides access to a full range of instruments (three in total) for national and European users via FRISBI and Instruct respectively. This includes classical quality control negative staining experiment (Tecnai 12 EM) prior to setting up cryo conditions (F20 EM equipped for cryo and tomography). Data acquisition can also be carried out on the F20 EM. Our third EM : the state-of-the-art Polara EM (Tecnai F30, 200-300 kV) is equipped with a direct electron detector (K2 summit) allowing (pseudo-) atomic resolution on biological samples. The Polara is able to do single particle imaging and single axis tomo. It is also equipped with a GIF. http://www.ibs.fr/platforms/structure-determination/cryo-electron-microscopy/

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