In vitro production of RNA & proteins in Grenoble, France

The Cell Free expression platform of IBS is devoted to large scale production (milligrams quantities) of soluble proteins, membrane proteins and RNAs for structural studies (X-ray, NMR...). The platform benefits from scientific input of the Membrane Transporters and Membrane and Immunity teams for expression and solubilisation of membrane proteins and from the group for isotopic labelling of RNA and proteins. The Cell Free platform is setting up a quality process aimed at an ISO 9001 labelling. We propose the following services: Small scale protein expression screening for optimisation of protein constructs. Optimisation of reaction conditions for large scale expression. Small scale RNA expression screening.

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In vitro production of RNA & proteins in Grenoble, France

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User Guide

Access mode

The platform is accessible to local PSB users as well as national and international (Instruct) users.

Completed Request form need to be sent to platform engineer. Upon agreement of the project request by a steering committee, the platform engineer will define, in collaboration with external users, the most adapted strategy and schedule for protein/RNA cell free expression.

The platform engineer will perform preliminary expression screening.

Users will be trained and will have access to the cell free platform in order to produce themselves their samples under platform engineer guidance.


Cost for users

Academics: Participation to the RNAse Free wet-lab consumables.

Industrials: Please contact us for cost information.


Preparatory work required


We need the cDNA of your target protein. Send us an expression vector containing target cDNA under T7 promoter control exclusively (pIVEX vector is requested for optimal yields).

* Only security level 1 samples are accepted


Nature of DNA matrix (DNA oligonucleotides or plasmid containing T7 promoter) conditions will be discussed during the first contact in accordance with size of target RNA.

* Only security level 1 samples are accepted

Contact Lionel Imbert for more information.

cDNA/plasmids will be stored for 6 months at the end of the study, then destroyed. cDNA/plasmids can be returned upon request.


Expected deliverables to user

Sample quality control is performed by SDS-PAGE and/or Western Blot (anti-His-Tag). Results will be send by email and include:

Small-scale expression screening (proteins and RNAs):

  • Picture of gels
  • Summary and analysis of preliminary screening tests

Training course:

  • Training agreement
  • Picture of gels
  • Expressed protein (purification required)
  • Expressed and purified RNA sample.

Large scale expression:

  • Expressed protein (purification required)
  • Expressed and purified RNA sample.

For protein purification or characterization please consult IBS platform catalog.