Instruct-ULTRA Work Package 4 - Call 2

Instruct-ULTRA is a project to accelerate and expand Instruct-ERIC membership to new members, both in Europe and worldwide. Work Package 4 relates to enriching and expanding access providing services. 

Call 2 asks for projects that address the needs of users outside of the existing Instruct membership both within and outside Europe and those from Industry. All beneficiaries can propose a Call 2 project, but priority will be given to those partners who are not involved in projects that were selected under Call 1. Projects in Call 2 will be chosen for their strategic value in building links with new user communities. 

 For successful proposals, the beneficiary partners working with the external user will be expected to: 

  1. Test the ability of Instruct to receive and process the external proposal
  2. Provide scientific and technical advice to the user 
  3. Deliver services in a timely and convenient method (e.g. remote access where available) 
  4. Provide help with analysing outcomes of the work. Feedback from the user will be sought and recorded as part of the evaluation. Projects will be managed through the ARIA system.

Applications will be sent to an external reviewer drawn from the Instruct SAB to provide independent oversight of the selection process. The final decision on the Call 2 projects will be made by the Instruct-ULTRA Executive Board.

Call Submission Guidelines

Case for support (500 words maximum):

Please address the following

1. Briefly describe the user/collaborator for the project.

2. Briefly describe the aims of the project and how the project will meet the needs of the user/collaborator, 

3. Summarise the plan for delivery and follow-up as appropriate e.g. help with data processing.

4. Budget: Summarise with a justification the resources required (staff and consumables) to carry out the project.

Call Closes:
31-Mar-2018 21:00 CEST

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