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Proposal Guidelines

1. Select the EMBRIC Transnational Access Providers

Select at least two Access Providers from different Research Infrastructures, which will be required to undertake the Project being proposed. Choose from the available locations which Access Providers you would like to access. By clicking the 'Advanced selection' button, you can specify the desired research services for conducting your Project. If you need further advice on this selection, choose the Access Provider only and provide further details in the textbox 'Visit Detail'.

2. Confirm research services selection

Please confirm the technologies and services you have selected by activating/clicking the round checkbox on the EMBRIC logo and continue with your application. You have to request access to at least two Access Providers who are member of different Research Infrastructures (in parenthesis) to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the EMBRIC Transnational Access program.

3. Proposal details

Please provide information filling the fields of the following sections:

  • Overview of the Project
  • Description of the Project
  • Timeline of the Project
  • Applicant information
  • Ethic issues
  • Financial assessment

4. Your research team

Choose which researchers will be involved in your Project proposal. This includes you and other scientists working in your home institution who will be involved in the desired research. Principal Investigator: If you are not a PI, the system will send a message to your PI to authorise the proposal. Team members: if desired, indicate other members that will be involved in the Project.

5. Exclude reviewers

Exclude reviewers that may have conflict of interest. Please note that the reviewers to be excluded will always be excluded. The list of the members of the User Selection Panel is available at the following link:

6. Confirm and submit proposal

Please review your Project proposal carefully before submitting. Once you submit you can access your dashboard to check and follow the status.

If you have any questions, contact us through your Project proposal messaging online or by email to