ARIA - Powering Your Access Management from the Cloud

CORBEL project webinar series

Webinar date: 16th January 2018
Speaker: Fiona Sanderson


ARIA - Powering your access management from the cloud ARIA provides a wide range of web-based tools for a huge number of organisations worldwide. ARIA cloud services also are very relevant to the management of research infrastructures. ARIA can be customised to match the look and feel of any existing webpages and can merge seamlessly to any current applications through styling or through the well-defined and documented API.  Access management is a critical function for research facilities who attract scientists using machines/services/tools and the access to these are normally of high demand. Most facilities have workflows setup to accept and review applications to use the facility. ARIA provides a very sophisticated service with tailorable proposal submission, peer/panel review workflow, integrated messaging, anti-spam notifications and statistics/reporting. These tools have helped managers of many projects worldwide provide unparalleled service to scientists and enabled high-quality access and publications.  Community and serving communities is at the heart of ARIA and through its networks package with integrated forums enables communities to interact and share news, events, jobs and documents. ARIA enables communication with users through news, jobs, events notifications. For non-access driven submissions ARIA offers ad-hoc call management which is fully configurable as for access management.

About the speaker

Fiona Sanderson joined Instruct-ERIC as a software developer in the summer of 2017. She came to us from the University of Oxford, where’s she’s spent the past 4 years, first at the Department of Engineering and then with the Department of Pharmacology. With a particular interest in user driven interface design and agile, responsive software development, she’s been involved in development of ARIA v2 as well as representing Instruct-ERIC in Horizon 2020 projects.

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