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5th ​ReNaFoBiS workshop in Oleron 2018. Registration is now open

ReNaFoBiS are pleased to announce the 5th RéNaFoBiS Oléron workshop, dedicated to Integrative Structural Biology, that will take place on the Oléron island (France). The workshop will take place from June the 1st to 8th June 2018. The main objective of this workshop is to offer a theoretical and practical training in the different techniques used in integrative structural biology (X-ray diffraction, small angle X-ray scattering, NMR, cryo-electron microscopy, sample preparation for stru...

Instruct awarded the fifth edition of the R&D pilot project scheme

Instruct allocates resources to support a limited number of pilot studies proposed by researchers from Instruct member countries (for 2017 ES, FR, IL, IT, NL, PT, UK). Pilot projects may be funded up to a maximum of €15,000. Proposals to this fifth edition were highly evaluated by an international panel of reviewers with a success rate of 16%. Proposals were selected aiming to bring together top science as well as contributing to strengthen the integration of Instruct.Recipient of ...

Instruct Training Program for 2018

The following are Instruct courses for 2018Instruct ULTRA/iNEXT Aria Workshops - 2 Feb Advanced Methods for the integration of diverse structural data - 19-25 Feb Instruct/CIISB course on fragment screening using crystallography laboratory equipment - 5-6 April Instruct Course on Model Building and Refinement for High Resolution EM Maps - 1-4 MayOpen Sesame & Instruct workshop on Remote MX Data Collection using the Diamond Light Source- 14-18 May Instruct-I2PC-FEI: ...

To listen live or to download: In our time discusses Rosalind Franklin achievements

This week in the BBCRadio4 program 'In our time', Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the achievements of the pioneering scientist Rosalind Franklin with Patricia Fara, Judith Howard and Jim Naismith. Professor Jim Naismith has recently join Strubi at the University of Oxford and Instruct Centre in the UK and he is the Director of the Research Complex at Harwell....

CORBEL Anastassis Perrakis

Prof. Anastassis Perrakis from the Netherland Cancer Institute talks about his experience as a user of the CORBEL Open Call. Why did he apply to this call and what are his experiences accessing two different research infrastructures? ...

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