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Flagship Service/Technology

Electron Microscopy, Brno, Czech Republic

Key equipment: High-end electron microscope for high-resolution cryoEM and cryo-tomography FEI Titan Krios (80 - 300 kV) equipped with an energy filter and a direct detector camera. Conventional cryoEM microscope FEI F20 (200 kV) equipped with a CCD camera and a dual beam FIB/SEM instrument (Versa3D) for micromachining of thin lamellas of vitrified cells usable for electron tomography.

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CIISB - Czech Infrastructure for Integrative Structural Biology is formed by two Centers of Excellence for Structural Biology constructed within the projects CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology, Brno and BIOCEV - Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre, Vestec, Prague-West. CEITEC and BIOCEV have been financed from the EU Structural Funds through the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovation, priority axis 1 – European Centers of Excellence, which is managed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The Czech structural biology community is represented by the Czech Society for Structural Biology (CSSB), which is forming a national link to INSTRUCT. CIISB affiliation with INSTRUCT contributes to the development of human resources in research, attracts qualified national and international researchers, and enables efficient dissemination of knowledge and expertise within INSTRUCT, as well as efficient use of the infrastructure.

CEITEC Core Facilities for Integrative Structural Biology

CEITEC is a scientific centre of excellence in the fields of life sciences, advanced materials, and technologies, which aims to establish itself as a recognized centre for basic as well as applied research. A consortium of partners includes the most prominent universities and research institutes in Brno, Czech Republic. CEITEC Core Faciilties for Integrative Structural Biology are part of the Structural Biology Program comprising research groups focusing on molecular biology and biochemical and structural characterization of cellular processes, including RNA, studies of the ribosome, understanding the structure-function relationships of proteins in pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and on the acquisition of knowledge necessary for the development of biosensors for nanomechanical detection of clinical markers using their in vivo/in situ detection in real time.

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The new CEITEC building is located on Masaryk University Campus in the southwest part of Brno. The site can be easily reached by car, bus or train. More detailed information about how to get to CEITEC is available HERE.


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