Instruct brief – January- April 2017


West-Life/CORBEL developer and project manager Narayanan Krishnan and Hub Coordinator Susan Daenke participated in CORBEL Workpackage working groups and management committees. After a successful first CORBEL integrated call which used Instruct access management system ARIA activities included the first periodic report submitted to the EC. Within CORBEL Instruct submitted a training event for Research Managers proposal which was successful and will be organised by later on this year.

1st of January- on going

Horizon 2020 project Instruct-ULTRA started work this year coordinated from the Instruct-Hub. The Kick off meeting took place the 22nd of February in Brussels. Instruct-ULTRA is a Horizon 2020 Infradev-3 project coordinated by Instruct. It aims to accelerate the expanded implementation of Instruct by opening up to new members in Europe and partnerships at the global level and increasing the effectiveness of user access to key technologies, working as appropriate with manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

9th of January

Diamond Light Source (Instruct-UK ) organised a course on Cryo-EM sample preparation .

10th January

An ARIA users workshop was organised in collaboration with iNEXT and Instruct-NL in Amsterdam

16th -18th of January

Instruct Project Manager Claudia Alen Amaro and Ondrej Hradil (Instruct-CZ) participated of the 2nd ESFRI Exchange of Experience Workshop in Malaga

16th January

Alberto Podjarny Instruct-FR participated in the Kick-off meeting of project Open Sesame in Brussels

19th – 20th January

Susan Daenke and Narayanan Krishnan represented Instruct in the West-Life annual meeting in Florence.

24th January

Nine R&D awards, with a total value of €90K, were made resulting from the 4th Call

9th February- on going

The Instruct Access Committee under the leadership of Darren Hart (Instruct-FR) started work on the redefining of the Instruct platform catalogue with meetings in Oxford and Amsterdam.

23rd of February

Representatives of all Instruct Centres met in Brussels for the Instruct Executive committee.

24th of February -Ongoing

Ondrej Hradil (Instruct-CZ), Lucia Banci (Instruct-IT), Jose Maria Carazo (Instruct-ES), Gunter Schneider (Instruct-SE), Ray Owens (co-opted Hub) and Susan Daenke (Hub Coordinator) continued their work in the Instruct Business Working group with a meeting in Brussels in February.

14th of March

Claudia Alen Amaro and Susan Daenke gave a talk on Instruct at the University of Oxford Spotlight series.

22-23rd of March

Claudia Alen Amaro and Rob Gilbert (Instruct-UK) participated of the annual meeting of the ARBRE-Movieu project in Porto

24th of April

Instruct-UK celebrating the opening of their new facility eBIC with a scientific conference at Diamond in collaboration with CCP-EM

Upcoming events:

9-10th of May

Sixth ERIC Network meeting in Helsinki.

9-10th of May

Instruct-UK is organizing a EM workshop at Harwell in the frame of Instruct-ULTRA in collaboration with West-Life

22-23rd of May

Instruct will participate in the iNEXT annual meeting in Brno

24-26th of May

Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Conference in Brno which will include satellite meetings for West-Life, iNEXT and Instruct-ULTRA.

30-31st of May

Lucia Banci (Instruct-IT) will represent Instruct at TRANSVAC2 Kick off meeting in Heidelberg

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