Is PiMS securely funded?

At the time of writing two people are funded to work on PiMS. Soon a third will be added. Nothing in life is certain, particularly in the life of a researcher. However, PiMS is actively being maintained and extended, and has demonstrated its ability to attract extra funding. Some details follow.

The initial project to develop PiMS completed in February 2010. Various small pieces of continuation funding kept some of the development team in work, up to February 2011. There was then a narrow pass, during which Chris Morris was the only person funded to work on PiMS.

In August 2011 Ed Daniel, one of the original team, was hired by Rik Wierenga in Oulu, to work mainly on xtalPiMS, the extension for crystallogenesis, including exchange of data with synchrotrons. 

PiMS is a part of the BioMedBridges EU grant, which is funding a post to run for forty months from Jan 2012:

Thanks to CCP4 for funding Chris Morris to work on PiMS, up to July 2013.

Chris Morris adds: "I have twelve years to retirement, and I hope to spend it maintaining and extending PiMS, and doing other related work on software for data management for structural biology."


Posted on 20-Oct-2011 14:21 CEST
Chris Morris

Krish has started work today. He is funded by the BioMedBridges grant to add RDF features to PiMS, to facilitate joint searches of PiMS and other biomedical databases.

Krish is currently based at Daresbury Laboratory, and he will soon relocate to the Research Complex at Harwell.

Posted on 23-Jan-2012 13:08 CET
Chris Morris

PiMSPro is now available for commercial use from Emerald Biosystems. STFC will receive royalties, which will be used to support PiMS for academic use.

Posted on 21-May-2013 11:16 CEST
Chris Morris
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