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Using institutional account to use ARIA

You can also connect your institutional account, provided they are registered with eduGain (which covers most educational institutions across Europe), to your Instruct account. When you have connected your accounts together you will be able to use this login to access your account without having to worry about your Instruct account ID or password.

Connecting ARIA account with institutional accounts

You can link your institutional account to your ARIA account, thus letting you login in with either ARIA credentials or your institutional credentials.

After logging in with your institutional webpages, you will be redirected to the ARIA for registering account.

If you are connecting accounts, click on Option 1: Connect my account

If you are creating a completely new account or this is the first account, select the Option 2: Complete new account button.

If you are linking accounts, you will be asked to enter your existing account email address.

Once the email address is verified to be correct, you will receive a success message followed by email confirmation.

You will need to confirm the linking of accounts by clicking the link which will automatically log you in to your account.