NMR based hybrid approaches for cellular structural biology

Length: 22 minutes        Presenter: Prof Marc Baldus, Instruct-NL

Prof Marc Baldus from the University of Utrecht gives a short presentation about how NMR can work alongside other structural biology techniques such as cryo Electron Microscopy to determine challenging protein structures. Talk given at the Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting, March 2018 in Oxford. View full screen

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Structure and genome delivery mechanism of bacteriophage phi812

Length: 23 minutes    Presenter: Dr Jiřak Nováček, Instruct-CZ

Dr Jiřak Nováček presents new work using cryo-EM to determine the structure of bacteriophage phi812. Talk given at Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting 7 March 2018 in Oxford. View full screen

Structural mass spectrometry

Length: 24 minutes  Presenter: Prof Justin Benesch, Instruct-UK 

Prof Justin Benesch presents recent research using mass spectrometry to determine the structure of difficult proteins, using optimised methods. Talk given at Instruct-ULTRA annual meeting 7 March 2018 in Oxford. View full screen


ARIA - Powering your access management from the cloud

Length: 50 minutes    Presenter: Fiona Sanderson, Instruct

Instruct software developer Fiona Sanderson delivers a CORBEL-hosted webinar, introducing ARIA, a cloud service system for the management of research infrastructures. The webinar focusses on the utility of ARIA features for facility managers and users.