UNIO – high-throughput and high-output protein structure determination…

… enables users to perform automated NMR data analysis for 3D protein structure determination. UNIO represents the result of more than a decade of basic research performed in order to enable accurate, objective and highly automated protein structure determination by NMR. The UNIO program includes data analysis algorithms for all parts of an NMR structure determination process ranging from backbone and side-chain assignment to NOE assignment and structure calculation. Individual data analysis components have been used in thousands of NMR structure determination projects world-wide.

The UNIO web server, originally developed under the WeNMR e-Infrastructure project (www.wenmr.eu) uses resources provided by the EGI (www.egi.eu) and the associated National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and can be accessed at http://haddock.science.uu.nl/enmr/services/UNIO/unio.php