Light microscopy

Studying biological macromolecules in the natural environment of a living cell


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Light microscopy Details

User Guide

Modality of access and work

Users and staff will plan the experiments (e.g. microscope access) and organise the required reagents prior to the visit. The platform can provide expression vectors for different fluorescent proteins, fluorescence labels, and chemical reagents. At the facility users will be helped to produce material (e.g. protein expression in different cell lines for in vivo analysis, recombinant protein production for in vitro studies, chemical labelling of protein). Subsequently, they will use the appropriate microscopes (Fluorescent-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS), Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP), Fluorescence Energy Transfer (FRET), particle tracking and co-localisation). Users can collect fluorescence data, process and evaluate them using optimal equipment and software under the guidance of highly experienced light microscopists.

Support offered

  • Expert advice for planning labelling and light microscopy experiments.
  • Technical support and advice by dedicated staff specialised in fluorescence labelling and light microscopy technologies.
  • Logistic support on site. 

Technical Specifications