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10th CORBEL Executibe Board meeting

Date: 26-Oct-2017

Contact: Friederike Schmidt-Tremmel


The 10th CORBEL Executive Board Meeting is taking place on Thursday 26th October in Amsterdam.

The agenda is as follows:

Type of meeting is face to face from 12:00 to 13:00

Participants: Executive Board members or their substitutes 

BBMRI: Erik Steinfelder / Jan‐Eric Litton 

EATRIS: Anton Ussi ‐ ECRIN: Jacques Demotes 

ELIXIR: Niklas Blomberg 

EMBRC: Ilaria Nardello 

EU‐OPENSCREEN: Philip Gribbon 



INSTRUCT: Susan Daenke 

ISBE: Richard Kitney 

MIRRI: Marleen Bosschaerts (Interim) 

Venue: EYE film museum, Amsterdam 

1 Adoption of the agenda 

2 Status of research infrastructures 

2a Relevant updates and challenges from research infrastructures (tour de table) 

3 Update from Work Packages, including deliverables and milestones, actions on delays 

3a Update WP1 

3b WP2: Guidelines for CORBEL representation at events, dissemination activities 

4 Project status, reporting and metrics 

4a Extensions of work per WP, based on 1st financial report and MTR report 

‐ Discussion of overall priorities 

‐ WP proposals for extension of work 

‐ Decision on extension of work (incl. Budget as needed) 

‐ Decision on cost neutral extension of project Decision 

4b EU‐Openscreen: Once the ERIC is set up (planned for January 2018), parts of FVB’s tasks and budget will need to be transferred to EU‐Openscreen‐ERIC joining the consortium as a new, additional beneficiary 

5 Any other item 

5a European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure (EPTRI) funded 

5b Follow‐up discussion BMS RI Strategy Board: INFRAEOSC‐04‐2018 Call (actions needed in CORBEL) 

For information on previous and upcoming committee and work package meetings please consult the CORBEL project calendar and Google Drive. Work package leaders: please help ensure that the calendar is kept up to date for events and meetings of your work package.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

10th CORBEL Executibe Board meeting