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EMBO Practical Course 'High-throughput protein production and crystallization'

Registration Date: 12-Apr-2019
Date: 10-Jun-2019 to 19-Jun-2019

Contact: Naomi Gray

Production of recombinant proteins using bacterial and eukaryotic hosts is the basis of research into biological structure and function. Advances in technology and throughput in the areas of protein production and structural biology have enabled many more challenging proteins to be studied to help in understanding their function. For instance, the recent advancement of cryo-electron microscopy has made the technique suitable for a broader range of proteins whose structure could previously only be determined by X-ray crystallography. This has been particularly transformative for the challenging field of membrane protein structural biology.

At this EMBO Practical Course, participants will learn our well-established high-throughput approaches for expression screening and purifying proteins for crystallization. Additionally, they will gain hands-on experience in technologies to reconstitute integral membrane proteins into detergent-free systems, such as nanodiscs, Salipro, amphipols and SMALPs, because these have been key to achieve high resolution structures by cryo-EM.

Date: 10-19 June 2019

Venue: Didcot, UK

More information and to book a place please go to the course website

Registration deadline 12th April 2019

Didcot, United Kingdom

EMBO Practical Course 'High-throughput protein production and crystallization'