Instruct-ERIC Events

Practical Course on Mammalian Protein Expression from 2th - 6th December 2013

Date: 02-Dec-2013

Contact: Joop vandenHeuvel


The Practical Course on Mammalian Protein Expression will offer a comprehensive theoretical introduction and practical training in Transient HEK 293 gene expression (TGE), Baculoviral Insect Cell System (BICS) and mammalian stable cell expression by the RMCE method.

The course is aimed for Post-Doc and PhD level young researchers. The participants have to be working in the field of structural biology or functional and biochemical analysis of proteins relevant for infection research in combination with a structure based approach. Participants with experience in basic cell culture techniques and skilled in good laboratory practice will be selected. Project requests will be selected according to the rules valid for an Instruct cooperation project. Within the course there will be a chance of optional testing of specific constructs for accepted project applications.

The course will cover practical and theoretical aspects of animal cell culture technology for the production of recombinant mammalian protein. The mHOST-XS expression technology using recombination mediated cassette exchange (RMCE) for CHO Master cell lines and transposition in the baculoviral  expression vector system  (BEVS) will be demonstrated. The performance of this technology will be shown for known examples as well as initial screening using the transient gene expression technology in HEK293 cells (TGE) for rapid identification of expressible constructs. This can be optionally done for samples prepared by the course participants. This must be indicated during the application process and will be prepared in advance by cloning the target genes into the appropriate mHOST-XS vector.

Talks will be held by local experts and course teachers from Instruct Centres and/or P4EU members.

The Helmholtz - Instruct Centre for Mammalian Protein Expression in Germany is a state-of-the-art production facility for protein samples of high quality and in ample amounts for X-ray crystallography and subsequent structural analysis. The facility is specially equipped with additional laboratory space for training and hands-on activities in the scope of training in integrative structural biology (Instruct). The facility specializes on the expression and production of glycoproteins like receptors and secreted mammalian protein.

The travel cost for the participants have to be covered by their home institute. The day of arrival will be 1 December 2013. The course will start on Monday 2 December at 9:00 and will end on Friday 6 December around 15:00. The accommodation will be organized by the organisation and will be covered by the course fee of 300 €.

Application deadline will be Saturday 16. November 2013. Selected candidates will be notified on Monday 18. November. Applications will have to be send by Email (to: containing a short CV, motivation letter and a letter of recommendation from the supervisor. Participants will be limited to 10.