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Quality Management in distributed Research Infrastructures webinar

Date: 22-May-2018


Upcoming CORBEL webinar

Speaker: Dr. Michael Raess (INFRAFRONTIER)

Date: May 22, 2018 Time: 15:30 CET

Description: Quality Management enables organisations to deliver value by fulfilling the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties. Research infrastructures are user and service oriented organisations, hence quality management systems can help them to identify quality objectives and to identify the processes and resources required to meet them. Many of the relatively new European-level research infrastructures in the area of biomedical, social and environmental sciences, but also in other research disciplines, are organised as distributed research infrastructures. This brings about specific requirements and challenges when it comes to implementing quality management systems. This webinar will address some of these specific requirements and challenges. It will be a great introduction for people interested in attending the CORBEL Quality Management Exchange of Experience Workshop which will take place on June 18-19, 2018 in Freising, Germany, organised by the INFRAFRONTIER GmbH. Alternatively, the webinar is a stand-alone introduction to quality management with an emphasis on distributed Research Infrastructures.

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braunschweig, Germany

Quality Management in distributed Research Infrastructures webinar