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Engineer in super-resolution microscopy

IGBMC-CERBM, Illkirch, France
Application deadline: 31 Dec 2020

The engineer will design, develop and conduct specialized super-resolution microscopy to locate individual protein molecules in a cellular context. Thus, the person to be recruited will participate in the implementation of the necessary instrumentation, technology, computer developments and updates of the device. Part of the mission will be to interface optical microscopy and cryo electron microscopy to observe a higher resolution complexes once located. The missions include supervision of users in super-resolution microscopy, the writing of publications and reports of experiments, and the presentation of the activities of the platform during meetings or congresses.


  • Developments (software and instrument) in correlative light and electron microscopy at the interface between imaging, FIB/SEM, cryo electron tomography and single particle cryo electron microscopy
  • Set up and monitor projects of internal and external users within the framework of the national FRISBI and European Instruct-ERIC infrastructures for super-resolution microscopy experiments
  • Management and training of the users of the platform for super-resolution microscopy
  • Writing of publications and experimental reports
  • Presentation of the activities of the platform in meetings or congresses.


  • have a PhD or master or graduate of an engineering school
  • have a strong background in imaging, optics, physics
  • have strong background in informatics & software developments
  • have experience in super-resolution microscopy (e.g. (d)STORM or PALM etc.)
  • be autonomous and have strong team spirit with good interpersonal skills
  • scientific English is required
  • computer skills: Python, Imaging processing software, Mayavi, Matlab etc.

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Illkirch, France

Engineer in super-resolution microscopy