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Postdoc fellowship in cryo-EM of virus replication at Umea University

Umea University, Umea University , Sweden
Application deadline: 09 Jul 2021

Postdoc fellowship at Umeå University, Sweden.
The postdoc will use biochemistry and cryo-EM to study RNA virus replication. But don’t worry, it’s not *that* RNA virus so the successful candidate will be entitled to perks such as regular sleep and enjoying the great outdoors of northern Sweden.


We are located in the same building as Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy where the postdoc will have ample access to all cryo-EM hardware they may desire (Krios, Scios, CLEM, fully equipped sample prep lab, etc). As importantly, the project is part of a collaborative environment between four labs that together have expertise on the full range from protein to organism level, including e.g. BSL3 virology work and advanced light microscopy. There is thus plenty of opportunity to expand the project in different directions.


At the core of the project is biochemistry and structural biology, so an ideal candidate would have prior experience in those fields. Specifically, we can offer training in cryo-EM to a candidate with a strong background in e.g. biochemistry and other structural methods. Highly motivated candidates with alternative backgrounds are also encouraged to apply.


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Umea University , Sweden

Postdoc fellowship in cryo-EM of virus replication at Umea University