Jobs in Structural Biology and Related Fields

Postdoc position in cryo-EM

West Lafayette, United States
Application deadline: 14 Jan 2021

An NIH-funded postdoc position is available in the lab of Dr. Leifu Chang at the Department of Biological Sciences of Purdue University.


The lab combines cryo-EM and biochemical reconstitution approach to understand the molecular mechanism of large protein complexes, particularly those in cell cycle regulation and CRISPR-Cas systems. Refer to their recent publications for more details.


The lab has access to two Titan Krios electron microscopes, both equipped with K3 direct electron detectors, and a Talos F200C with a K2 detector. All the microscopes are located in the same building of the lab.


Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in biology, chemistry, physics or computer science. Experience in protein expression and purification using insect cells or mammalian cells will be an advantage. Experience in cryo-EM and image processing is desired but not essential.


To apply, please contact Dr. Leifu Chang via email (