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Scientist time-resolved crystallography

MAX IV Laboratory, Lund, Sweden
Application deadline: 17 Jan 2021

MAX IV Laboratory have an open 2-year's position for a scientist to develop time-resolved activities at the new MicroMAX beamline.

Closing date for applications is Sunday January 17th.

For more information and to apply follow this link or contact Thomas at


MAX IV Laboratory has received funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation (http:// for a new beamline called MicroMAX, a micro-focus macromolecular crystallography beamline. The Macromolecular Crystallography (MX) Group is responsible for the design, construction and future operation of the MicroMAX beamline, as well as for the BioMAX beamline that is in user operation.


MicroMAX will extend the possibilities in macromolecular crystallography in particular in the areas of serial crystallography and time-resolved crystallography. By exploiting the pioneering performance of the MAX IV 3-GeV storage ring, MicroMAX will provide world class performance for experiments requiring a highly brilliant microfocus X-ray beam. The microfocus beam will be used for highly automated, monochromatic rotation crystallography, but the unique beam will be in particular beneficial for time-resolved experiments and serial crystallography. The time-resolved activity will use a UV-vis-IR laser setup for triggering of light sensitive samples or using caged-compounds, ligand-mixing using microfluidics, and other methods and instrumentation to study dynamics. The sample environment laboratory and a second experiment hutch are available to support and extend the capabilities of the time-resolved setup in the first experiment hutch. We have started developing activities in the field of serial crystallography and regularly perform experiments at BioMAX.


Lund, Sweden

Scientist time-resolved crystallography