The P4EU (Protein Production and Purification Partnership in Europe) network initiative was started in 2010 to establish a platform for the exchange of information, know-how and materials between core facility labs in the field of protein expression and purification with a major focus on service for various user groups.

A European network of protein expression groups enables access of more European researchers to the expertise of the participating facilities and their user communities. Therefore, the P4EU initiative was established in order to address various needs of the participating groups that came out of a survey of ~40 groups (survey results) summarized below:

  • Sharing and exchange of information, protocols and material
  • Access to new technologies
  • Developing and/or evaluating new or emerging technologies
  • Establishing standards for protein related work
  • Enabling collaboration between users
  • Training of users

If you are interested in the details of the survey results download a pdf copy.

If you are interested in joining this network, please contact us via the Instruct messaging system and ask for membership with a short description of your background.

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