Instruct Biennial Meeting

20th-22nd May 2015

Florence, Italy

All times are given in local time (CEST)

Day 1: 20th May 2015

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  • 9:00: Patrick Cramer

    Integrated structural biology of gene transcription

  • 9:30: Marc Baldus

    Structural studies of membrane-embedded protein machines by NMR: From lipid bilayers to cells

  • 10:00: Anastassis Perrakis

    Knowing when to cross the mitotic checkpoint

  • 11:00: Chiara Zucchelli

    Sp140 and its interaction with chromatin

  • 11:30: Teresa Carlomagno

    RNA-protein complexes in RNA metabolism: an integrative structural biology approach

  • 12:00: Stephen Cusack (Ivano Bertini Award)

    The structure of the influenza virus replication machine: a long time coming but worth waiting for!

  • 14:00: Matthew Bottomley

    Structural Vaccinology

  • 14:30: Sriram Subramaniam

    Cryo-electron microscopy comes of age: Applications to molecular pharmacology

  • 15:00: Eddy Arnold

    HIV-1 reverse transcriptase structure and function: drugs by design and recent innovations

  • 16:00: Nehar Mortuza

    TACC3-XAMP215 interaction reveals an asymmetric association promoting spindle microtubule elongation

  • 16:30: Helena Käck

    Impact of structural information in drug discovery

Structural biology towards Cellular Biology: Integrating Biology

Structural Biology and Health: Current Challenges

Day 2: 21st May 2015

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  • 9:00: Christos Savva

    High resolution Cryo-EM studies at the MRC-LMB: Local setup and examples

  • 9:30: Christiane Ritter

    Structure determination of functional self-replicating protein filaments by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

  • 10:00: Anne-Claude Gavin

    Lipid-protein interactions

  • 11:00: Areej Abuhammad

    “From one seed a whole handful”: homologous proteins as seeds in crystallisation

  • 11:30: Jan Steyaert

    Nanobody-enabled fragment screening on active-state constrained GPCRs

  • 12:00: Imre Berger

    Synthetic biology meets Structural Biology: New perspectives and opportunities

  • 14:00: Dave Stuart

    First research outcomes from Instruct access – proof of principle and future goals

  • 14:30: Esko Oksanen

    Structural Biology at the European Spallation Source

  • 15:30: Giovanni Migliaccio

    EATRIS model for translational medicine and innovation in the ERA

  • 16:00: John Womersley

    Structural Biology Infrastructure provision within ESFRI

  • 16:30: Eero Vuorio

    Instruct and the other BMS ESFRI Infrastructures in the changing European landscape of Research Infrastructures

Emerging Technologies in Integrative Structural Biology

The joint activities and impact of European Biomedical Infrastructures

Ivano Bertini Award - Dr Stephen Cusack FRS - Sponsored by Bruker

The Ivano Bertini Award recognises a significant achievement in frontier research that utilises an integrative structural biology approach. The first recipient of the award is Stephen Cusack FRS, Head of EMBL Outstation in Grenoble. His work on the structure of protein-RNA complexes and proteins involved in host-pathogen responses is groundbreaking and exemplifies the power of using integrated technology approaches in research. The Award is the first commemorating Ivano Bertini who developed powerful new methods in NMR and built up a world class Centre for Magnetic Resonance (CERM) in Florence. CERM was in the first group of major Centres in structural biology to form the Core structure of Instruct.

The Award of €15,000 is endowed by Bruker BioSpin which, together with Ivano, developed NMR instrumentation to broaden its application and increase measurement sensitivity.
Dr. Cusack will be receiving the award in the first session of the meeting and will speak about his research in a special Award presentation talk.

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Instruct Internship Programme

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Deadline for Submission: June 12th, 5PM CET

R&D Pilot Project Award

Instruct is supporting a limited number of pilot studies proposed by researchers from Instruct member countries. The intent of this support is to help researchers develop external funding projects. Pilot projects may be funded up to a maximum of €20,000. Submit an R&D proposal by the deadline to apply for these funds.

Deadline for Submission: June 12th, 5PM CET