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Prize awarded to Professor Dame Carol Robinson for mass spectrometry breakthroughs

Professor Robinson from Instruct-UK has been awarded the 2019 Novozymes Prize for her outstanding contribution to the field of mass spectrometry. By enabling the use of mass spectrometry for proteins within cell membranes, Professor Robinson’s work has transformed biomedical research.  One of her many ground-breaking ideas was to add detergent to samples where the molecule of interest was contained within a lipid bilayer, for example proteins in the cell membrane....

RI-VIS project officially launched

February 1st 2019 marked the official start date of new Horizon 2020 funded project RI-VIS. The project will expand the visibility of European research infrastructures to new communities, and new target regions forming strategic partnerships with infrastructures in third countries. We will develop valuable resources such as guidelines and toolkits for partnering, host international outreach events, organise an international RI staff mobility programme and more.The project has a consortium of 13 ...

ERIC Forum project launched with a meeting in Amsterdam

On Thursday 31 January, 23 European Research Infrastructures, based in 11 different countries with national nodes in all European Member States, met in Amsterdam to launch the ERIC Forum project, co-funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project will run until December 2022. The aim of the ERIC Forum Implementation project is to­­­­ strengthen the coordination within the ERIC Forum, to have a common voice and enhance collaborations between the partners. The strateg...

How to generate the end of an mRNA

Messenger RNAs (or mRNAs) carry the information required to make proteins in cells. The end of an mRNA is generated by a multi-protein complex called cleavage and polyadenylation factor (or CPF). CPF cuts the mRNA at a specific site and then adds a string of adenosines – a modification that is important for translation of mRNA into protein and for mRNA stability.  A team in Lori Passmore’s group at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge have now reconstituted the activiti...

Training the next generation of structural biologists in South Africa

A workshop for PhD students and early career researchers on Biophysics & Structural Biology at Synchrotrons was held recently at the University of Cape Town (17-24 January 2019).The workshop introduced young South African researchers to the power of synchrotron based facilities and addressed the technology required to go from gene to structure. Topics covered included, advanced strategies for crystallization, high-throughput data collection by X-ray diffraction, single particle cryo-EM, and X-...

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