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Protein structure: from methods via structure and function to drug design

Date: 15-Aug-2017

Contact: Claudia Alen Amaro


This symposium is held in honor of Wim Hol as an inspirator of science, a rigorous and enthousiastic mentor. It will give a broad overview of current state-of-the art science in protein structure and function. The meeting is open to anyone interested, with a special invitation to anyone who has collaborated or otherwise been associated with Wim. However, please note that registration is required:


Preliminary programme

Monday September 3rd

13.00-15.00   Methods for structural biology:

Mic Feese (Cocrystal Discovery Inc.);

Lance Stewart (SSGCID, Seattle);

Alex Teplyakov/Galya Obmolova (JNJ);

Randy Read (University of Cambridge); Piet Gros (Utrecht University);

Focco vd Akker (Case Western)

15.00-15.30   Tea

15.30-16.50   Structural biology with medical implications

Matt Redinbo (UNC, Chapel Hill);

Andrea Mattevi (Unvirsity of Pavia);

Karen MacLuskey (Glasgow University);

Eric Huizinga (Utrecht University)

16.50-17.15   Tea

17.15-18.00   KEYNOTE LECTURE: Wim Hol

19.00-22.00   Conference buffet dinner (subscription, location to be defined)


Tuesday September 4th

  9.00-10.40   Structural biology with medical implications

Shekhar Mande (Pune University, India);

Ehmke Pohl (Durham University);

Anne Volbeda (CNRS, Grenoble, France);

Rik Wierenga (Oulu, Finland);

Joanne Yeh (Pittsburgh)

10.40-11.10   Coffee

11.10-12.30   Structural biology with medical implications

Gabby Rudenko (University of Michigan);

Titia Sixma (Netherlands Cancer Institute);

                      Protein engineering and other applications

Sharmila Mande (Tata)

Bauke Dijkstra (Groningen);

12.30-13.30   Lunch

13.30-14.50   Structure based drug design

Juerg Hendle (Lilly);

Wendy Sanderson (JNJ);

Ingeborg Feil;

Juergen Bosch (Johns Hopkins);

14.50-15.20   Tea

15.20-16.40   Structure based drug design

          Herman Schreuder (Sanofi-Aventis);

           Christophe Verlinde (U. Washington, Seattle);

           Xiayang Qiu (Pfizer)

16.40-17.00   Slotwoord Wim Hol

17.00             DRINKS




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