Future features: Reagent Management

Next year's goals for PiMS include reagent management.

The relevant activities seem to be:

  •    Placing an order
  •    Receiving a delivery
  •    Preparing to do an experiment
  •    Recording an experiment
  •    Recording a protocol

The features needed seem to be:

  • Report on current stocks of reagents, which can be filtered by supplier. Links to catalogue entries. A tick box by each to say "reorder", and a button to make an spreadsheet representing items to order.
  • Search reagent recipes by supplier, and for each reagent type (recipe), click to record a new stock of it.
  •  When viewing an experiment, also see current stocks of the reagents it uses ...
  •  ... and easy update of the estimated amount of a stock
  •  When recording a protocol, specify the reagent types (recipes) that it uses

Can anyone improve this plan?

By recipe, I mean a reagent definition, e.g. "0.5M magnesium chloride", as contrasted with a particular bottle of it.

If you say that you have used 500uL of a reagent, then PiMS can subtract that from the current stock you have used. But such numbers must be treated as estimates, not as reliably known values, unless the level of discipline in the lab is unusually high.

A future extension of this work is to handle radionuclides. In this case "amount" means not only volume, but also bequerels, and the calculations must allow for half life.

Posted on 20-Oct-2011 14:35 CEST
Chris Morris
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