UK Structural Biology Forum - first Executive Committee announced

Following the meeting of the UK Structural Biology Forum on 25th June at Imperial College, London, membership of the first Executive Committee has been announced.The Forum will be independent of the Instruct management, but Instruct will help with communication and networking tasks where it can.

·         A key aim of the Forum is to act as a focus for planning of infrastructure needs in SB in the UK so we can respond to initiatives such as the recent STFC request for input on their life sciences panel. Jane Endicott indicated how the Forum could act as a conduit to STFC – who were themselves unfortunately not represented at the meeting. The MRC (Nathan Richardson), BBSRC (Alf Game and Charlotte Cureton), STFC (Terry Mawby) and Wellcome Trust (Tom Collins) were represented. Alf Game indicated that there was a UK roadmap for SB – and the Forum should take account of and feed in to this.

·         The Forum has to be self funding – we do not have financial support through Instruct or elsewhere

·         There should be an annual general meeting, ideally focussed around 1 or more scientific topics. It would be good if this could rotate around the UK, but practicalities of travel make London an attractive and cost-effective option.

·         An Executive Committee should be set up, rather along the lines of that which acts on behalf of Working Group 1 for CCP4. A lengthy discussion on terms of reference, membership etc. followed. A lot of ideas were put forward, and it is hard to produce a truly democratic set of conclusions. It was deemed that no election was practicable on the day, but that KSW-PF would circulate a proposal by 16th September.

Establishment of Executive Committee

Several people at the meeting suggested a pragmatic approach of appointing a committee ad hoc to get things going. (This cannot satisfy all views expressed at the meeting.) With this steer, PF and KSW invited the following to join the first committee and all have accepted. PF and KSW are present to provide continuity with the last year’s activities.

Paul Freemont                  Imperial College, London                          MX

Keith Wilson                      Univ. York                                                  MX

Tom Blundell                     Univ. Cambridge                                        MX

Jane Endicott                    Univ. Newcastle, STFC                             MX

Jim Naismith                      Univ. St Andrews                                      MX, FEL

Ben Bax                              GSK                                                         MX, Industry

Helen Saibil                       Birkbeck College, London                         EM

Alan Roseman                  Univ. Manchester                                      EM

Martyn Winn                      STFC                                                        CCPEM, CCISB

Gerard Kleywegt               EBI/Elixir                                                    Bioinformatics

Geerten Vuister                 Univ. Leicester                                           NMR

Jennifer Potts                    Univ. York, N8                                             NMR

David Scott                         Univ. Nottingham, RCaH                          Biophysical Methods

Justin Benesch                 Univ. Oxford                                                Mass spectrometry

Martin Walsh                     DLS                                                            SR, DLS

David Stuart                       Instruct                                                       MX, EM, SR

Posted on 10-Sep-2013 16:19 CEST
Susan Daenke
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