The Instruct Centre which specialises in Computational structural biology is CCISB. This centre provides computational support across all structural biology disciplines, as well as providing specific software packages. Most software is available to be run locally, and no specific access arrangement is required. CCISB maintains a worldwide catalogue of software for structural biology, and can advise on its suitability for a particular project. Users are encouraged to contact CCISB directly when preparing a proposal, in order to develop a suitable plan for data analysis.

The Tel Aviv University Center is the Instruct Centre that specialises in Bioinformatics and CNB is the Instruct Centre that specialises in Image processing in Electron Microscopy.

Information technology is an important tool for structural biology. Imaging techniques are generating huge amounts of data, which takes time to analyse and interpret. The different methods and formats associated with the core technologies are a barrier to integrated structural biology.

Standardisation across technologies could significantly benefit both individual scientists and the research community as a whole. Scientists need not be familiar with multiple computational methods and formats. It will also be substantially easier for researchers to combine technologies as the data generated can be integrated.

The deposition of data and structures in public databases will be facilitated through the widespread use of common formats. Scientists will no longer need to adapt their depositions to suit different formats, and those viewing the depositions will be able to do so with a uniform set of skills. This will encourage more scientists to make depositions and broaden their use.

Standardisation is also a major step in quickening progress towards real-time analysis using more than one technology; a key development for integrated structural biology.