High Throughput Membrane Protein Crystallisation in Grenoble, France

HTMPC platform is now part of the HTX platform (EMBL). It is fully equipped to accomplish successful crystallization of your membrane protein (in meso, bicelle, vapor diffusion). Robotic systems nanovolume dispenser (Mosquito and NT8) allows to screen 96 precipitant conditions with small amount of sample (5-10 µl per plate) in less than 10 minutes. Our platform works with commercially available kits specialized in membrane protein crystallization. An automated imaging system, RockImager 1500 (Formulatrix), visualizes crystallization drops with visible and UV lights, which allows a better identification of protein crystals. The smallest crystals which can be confidently detected are about 10 micrometers. CrystalDirect technology developed at the platform allows automatic harvesting of the crystals. LCP-FRAP robot measures the mobility of the protein in the phase and allows a pre-screening of the protein and crystallization conditions prior to crystallization. 

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High Throughput Membrane Protein Crystallisation in Grenoble, France

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Key words

Structural Biology, high-throughput crystallization, in meso crystallization, membrane proteins, lipidic cubic phase; LCP-FRAP



Dedicated staff

Dupeux Florine

Specific equipment

Robot for in meso membrane protein crystallization (nanodispenser), automated system for imaging crystallization plates, UV microscope for visualisation of protein crystals, temperature controlled rooms for crystallisation (20°C, 4°C), CRIMS to visualize images through internet, LCP-FRAP for protein mobility.

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Open access to internal and external users.



on demand


CIBB/Platform  S05

CIBB/Office  120

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Register and send request forms on our https://htxlab.embl.fr/