Spinning-Disk Microscope in Grenoble, France

The confocal spinning disk microscope (S-M4D) is optimized to study living cells. It is installed since January 2013 in room 547B. It is composed of an epifluorescence Olympus IX81 microscope equipped with plan-apo 20x dry, 40x dry and oil, and 60x and 100x immersion objectives (with wide numerical apertures) and with differential interference contrast (Nomarski). This inverted and fully motorized microscope is equipped with an incubation chamber and with a CO2 controled microenvironmental chamber for live imaging. IQ2/Imaris (Andor/Bitplane) is used for controlling the microscope and for treatment of the acquisitions. Volocity (Perkin Elmer) is also available to users on a specific workstation.

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Spinning-Disk Microscope in Grenoble, France

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